What is China trader?

China Traders main objective is to make sure that you are connected with suppliers that will be able to trade better with you as a manufacture. The suppliers give you all the importance that is needed when choosing to trade with them.

Trading with China can make one think about what comes with it and how long products can be delivered to them but because we are associated with experienced enterprises there is no need for you to worry.


Question is: What makes our suppliers different?

Many suppliers are not so trust-worthy; this is why we pride ourselves with our vast number of suppliers that have acquired excellent recognition within the trading industry.

  • All our suppliers never export anything without certification. As a buyer you know the kind of enterprises that you would want to associate yourself with.
  • China Trader will gladly speak to the supplier for certified copies of certification to be forwarded to you as part of supplier-manufacture agreement.
  • China Trader will provide dates with all the best months to trade with China. This means that we are trying to avoid your goods being delayed.
  • As a buyer, you have all the rights to choose which form of transportation you would want to choose when trading. Our shipment transportation includes air and ocean with leading brand.